This might be the best business card ever created.

I saw these business cards on Brand New for an Italian cooking instructor. They’re made of lasagna and laser-etched with the contact info.

I have cause to believe this is the world’s best business card. Why:

  • Clever and inventive
  • Direct and to-the-point
  • The medium is the message, like our old buddy Marshall McLuhan would tell us
  • “Pasta Boy Peter” is an incredible business/service name. I want to be known as Pasta Boy Jimmy
  • Just LOOK at this
  • LOOK at it
  • It’s great
  • I love it
  • Man
  • It’s so good
  • Look at it

The only detractors: I wonder how well they stack and how fragile they are. Which is more of a concern of the person passing them out than the person receiving them, I suppose. I bet if you got one of these you’d hang on tight to it and cherish it. I would, anyway.

If it did shatter in your briefcase or pocket, however, you would undoubtedly be able to remember “Pasta Boy Peter”.