Single Serving COVID Sites

Hi, everyone! I’m back! Did you forget I had a blog? So did I, I guess.

Truth is, I’ve been busy on some side-projects (and with, y’know, work and fatherhood and sleeping) so I haven’t had much time to write. But lately, I’ve been seeing a number of really good “single serving” websites related to Coronavirus. I thought I’d share some links with you so you could play with them, too. Let’s dig in…


This site is one of the most simple and clearcut sites out there for virus info. You can zoom in on your own county, or stretch out to the state, area or national level. Beautiful, simple, no fuss or frills. My dream site.

Corona Panel

Corona Panel is one of the first sites that came together to aggregate all the dashboards out there and make them easy to access (by iframing them into the page). It’s not as fast and simple as RonaViz, but it’s very, very thorough. It also includes links to volunteer opportunities and symptom tests and things, which is nice, because it’s not just a “doomscroll site,” it has actionable ideas you can follow.

The Endless Doomscroller

Speaking of doomscrolling…why bother with reading the real info when you’re just trying to drive your blood pressure up by reading frightening headlines? Come on, let’s face it, you love that! (I love that.)

So! Enjoy “The Endless Doomscroller,” a website devoted to showing you generated headlines with no links or text that you can literally scroll forever!

You Don’t Need a Mask

First of all, a disclosure: yes, you DO need a mask.

This is a single-serving parody site offering reasons why “you” (but not really you…I hope) don’t need to wear a mask in public, including “you’re a facebook certified disease expert,” “you don’t care about other people and you actively want them to suffer,” and “you’re an asshole.”

Thankfully, public opinion seems to be moving toward the truth: that masks are vitally important to public health. 75% of Americans favor public mask requirements and 86% of Americans say they are wearing a mask when they leave home.

And finally, some shameless self-promotion…

A while ago, I started this (non-single-serving) website, called “The Best Advice (for Now)“, to offer quick, share-able tips on how to muddle through the age of Coronavirus. I wanted it to be a non-political, non-profit source people could use to share info with friends and loved ones and I’m trying to keep it updated. If you work in the field of public health, science, medicine or social work, I’d be happy to have your help as a collaborator. Check it out!

If you have other single-serving sites with a COVID theme, let me know about them, I’d be happy to feature them here.