My Projects for 2019

I challenged myself at the beginning of the year to accomplish one “project” per month. Here’s what I took a shot at, and here’s how far I got :


This Blog

I put this blog together in January. I haven’t written nearly as much as I wanted to, but at least it’s still here and I haven’t completely abandoned it. Onwards and upwards!

Status: Still at it

February (and part of March)

Go Fact Yourself Website

I worked with J. Keith van Straaten on an updated website for his incredibly fun podcast, Go Fact Yourself. Check it out at

Status: still kicking, and I’m adding a few changes here in the near future to tighten things up and improve what’s there.


Stained Glass

Now, this is not my stained glass piece, I should mention. This is one from the National Cathedral in DC that I took a long time ago. No, I started with a small window piece under the tutelage of my father-in-law who has done many pieces.

Because of life, I have had a hard time getting this done. I need to find a day to just get into the workshop and finish, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

Status: Paused, but I plan to finish it in the near future (I hope, anyway)

April / May

Jellyfish Tattoo

My friend Kristen wanted a jellyfish tattoo with some personal flourishes. I went through a few iterations and landed on something close, which she’s taking to a tattoo artist to further refine and, eventually, get inked. I did a mock-up of how it might look on her arm.

Kristen told me she’s going to get it done in phases and she’s researching tattoo artists she likes.

Status: still in motion

Theresa Thorn

Theresa Thorn, a podcaster and author, wanted a new personal site to showcase her projects. We worked together on a new Squarespace site tailored to her specifications that she could expand upon as new projects came along and her other endeavors grow.

Status: Done!


New logo for me

I went back and forth on this and finally settled on what you see here (and up at the top of the blog here). I like that it looks vaguely like an elephant and a duck? Does that make sense?

Status: Well, here you have it.


“Let’s Build a Zoo”

I gave a talk at the Virginia Credit Union League I’ve been dying to give for a while now. It’s all about how you go from being a one-man (or woman or whatever) operation to being a member of a team, a collaborator, and a more focused professional. It went well.

Status: Talk, talked. People liked it.



I did Inktober, as I usually do, over on my Instagram.

Status: Inked, digitally, and done now.

Montross Tees

I created my Montross t-shirts and sold them online. We’ve sold over 80 tees so far and we’re giving all the money to some very worthy recipients. I wrote about it here recently.

Status: Ongoing, and looking at new supply chains to speed up printing and delivery.


A new portfolio layout/style

On my portfolio website, I tried to reorganize my work a little to better highlight the things I’d done over the years. It’s hard to try and summarize projects/positions that went on for years, but I hope I did a better job of condensing what I’ve achieved into real outcomes rather than a simple “from-this-date/to-this-date”. Tell me what you think of it.

Status: Done!

As you can see, “new project every month” is ambitious and not always attainable, but I got pretty close. I want to stick to this same schedule in 2020, as I think it helps me feel productive and gives me clear starts and stops. When Day 1 of the month comes in, I have roughly thirty days to get it going and put it out there. If I miss my deadline, I don’t go flagellate myself. Instead, I look in my notebook, see what I want to do next, and get going.