Friday Fast Finds: Coronavirus Edition!

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Pandemic Panic
Everywhere you go

I put together a list of links I think are interesting and/or useful in these troublesome times. Hope you find them helpful, too!

Before we go any further…

Here is a real short-and-sweet set of instructions for getting through the next few weeks:

  • Wash those hands, early and often
  • Try not to touch your face if you can help it; carry tissues in your pocket like your grandma used to do
  • Stay away from large gatherings as much as you can
  • If you feel ill at all, stay home and away from others
  • If you are able-bodied, reach out to people in your community that may need some help and make sure they are doing okay…just like in a blizzard or what have you
  • Don’t hoard toilet paper or hand sanitizer, that makes you a total jerk

The Origins of “Flatten the Curve”

A good article from Fast Company about where that “Flatten the Curve” chart came from and why it’s so important right now. Long story short: Do NOT exhaust the hospitals and their capacity to treat the sick. We all have our duty to do.

It’s Quiet Uptown…and Downtown…and Mid-Town…

The Economist has “Google Data” to show that large urban centers are seeing a huge decrease of foot traffic due to COVID-19. My question (and it’s not clear whether the answer is behind the paywall of this article) is: what is the “Google Data” in question? Geo-location and GPS data? Decreased search data in city centers? What? And do people know they’re sharing that data with Google?

What Kids Want to (and Need to) know about the Coronavirus

[Image: NPR]

NPR did a great little pocket comic for kids to teach them in a non-scary way what Coronavirus was. Honestly, most adults should read this, too.

Clean Your Phone the RIGHT Way

[Image: FC]

You should probably clean that flat piece of glass and metal you touch sixteen-to-twenty-thousand times per day. Here’s how to do it.

Work in the Time of Corona

If you’re privileged enough to be able to work from home at this point, Alice Goldfuss has some practical advice about how to develop good work-from-home habits and keep your sanity…and, y’know, get work done.