I have worked in the world of web design and development for more than a decade now. My experience has been varied: from small business advertising and marketing to publishing to non-profits to Federal and State government and all kinds of projects in between.

The portfolios on the home page are deep-dives into my work for larger companies, but most of what you see here was done on a one-off basis for an individual or small business.

Go Fact Yourself


This is a really fun podcast that I can highly recommend. Hosts J. Keith van Straaten and Helen Hong challenge their celebrity/comedy guests to answer questions on subjects they themselves claim to know very well. This was a big step up from their prior website and I hand-rolled the theme up from some basic WP boilerplate.

Theresa Thorn


Theresa Thorn, children’s book author, podcaster and mother, needed a website to showcase her many awesome projects. I helped her set up a self-sustaining Squarespace site that was styled around her personal brand.



This is a site I did for a classical music trio who play shows all over the country, but specifically in the DC Metro area. We started with a WordPress site but it was rarely ever updated, so I convinced them to move to a static setup.

Birthing Hands


Claudia Booker is a midwife and doula working in the DC Metro area who helps families of every kind give birth at home in a safe, healthy way. I actually helped her take over her Squarespace site from an independent developer who couldn’t make it all work. This involved updating and streamlining the content, as well as importing content from two separate external blogs for posterity.

(site no longer up, but it used to be at, no kidding)

This is one of my favorite projects I ever did. The Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival needed a website to highlight their wonderful array of musicians and comedians. My payment for making the site was a trip on the cruise. I got to hang out with John Roderick of the Long Winters and Dan Deacon of the awesome song “Feel the Lightning”, among others.