Could We Do This? MaskMatch

My mother-in-law has been a mask making machine recently. She has been using her amazing sewing skills to make cloth masks for darn-near everyone I know, including my parents, my daughter, two each for my wife and I, my sister…the list goes on.

Her industry and focus in making these masks is impressive. More impressive still is how many people around the world are making masks by hand to take to hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores…it’s really heartwarming.

I started thinking about how we might take that up a notch. I’m sure there are people who need masks who can’t get them, and nobody in their family can sew. I’m also sure there are people who would gratefully ship masks to those in need.

That’s why I’m proposing a new segment here or the ol’ blogerino called “Could We Do This?”

And we’re starting off with a speculative project I put together called “MaskMatch”.

Basically, people who need masks would get them for free from people who make masks. If anyone who doesn’t sew wants to help, they can pay for the shipping label for a package of masks. I think it’s a pretty solid idea, but I know there’s room for extra thinking on it. Want to help me out?

Check out the clickable prototype here on Sketch

Leave me comments on the various sections. I’m eager to hear about areas of improvement. Is this the kind of idea we could get cooking to help match people with masks? You wanna help me build it? I’m all ears…

Some other sample screens:

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