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Safework Signs

The good folks at Oxford Pennant came up with Safework Signs, a quick and easy way to buy attractive, informative signs for businesses who need to enforce COVID-19 safety measures. I love love love love LOVE these. I want to wallpaper my office with them. (Hat tip to those cool fools at

A New Process Flow for a Front Line Family

Re-thinking the UX of my home and family life My wife is an RN working in one of the largest hospitals in our state. She is on a unit that is a “Yellow Zone”: some patients are COVID-positive, some are “Rule-Outs” (that is, the hospital is trying to determine if they are positive or not) …

A cartoon dog sits in his burning house, insisting that the situation around him is "fine".

The UX of Fire: Some Meditations on a Crisis

My wife, baby and I recently stayed in a decent hotel. We wanted a suite, as it helps us have a life after our baby goes to bed. We got this suite at a pretty reasonable price and at a hotel that was recently renovated and well-reviewed. As we sat there in the other room, …