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Interactive Typography Cheatsheet

I saw this really cool, interactive, single-serving site that explains with a tap the various parts of typographic anatomy. Ligatures! Bowls! Serifs! Crotch! Crotch? Crotch. This is incredibly helpful to me as someone who loves hand lettering/calligraphy and typography in general, because, cards-on-the-table time, I never remember what these pieces and parts are called, ever. …

Stop Copy-Shaming Me

Lexie Martin recently published a very good article on about copywriting and its impact on a user’s decision making. A key takeaway: The copy that you use in choices on your interface asks people to agree with a statement. That statement is often about themselves or the actions that they wish to take. It’s …

A Triumph of Good Packaging

Russell Westbrook’s new branded shoes are modeled after an original Super Soaker, down to the packaging. I try to be un-impressed by the “90’s kids will understand this” stuff, but this is just REALLY cool. (via